Parker Bows 20″ Hunter Crossbow Bolts 3″ Vanes Capture Nocks Carbon Black 6 Pack


Specifications and features:
Length 20″
Diameter (Outside Diameter) 0.348″
Tolerance +/- .004″
Mass Weight 300 grains (no point)
Grains per inch 13.1 (shaft)
Insert Aluminum 24.5 grains
Nock Red Hot Capture N


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The Hunter Crossbow Bolts by Parker Bows are top quality carbon bolts specifically made to withstand the punishment today’s crossbows exert up to 175 lbs. These bolts have been engineered to perform at optimum levels of speed and power to give you accuracy and the knockdown punch needed for taking that next trophy.

Fits the following crossbow brands that require 20 inch arrows:
Ten Point
Carbon Express
Wicked Ridge

Parker Crossbows is recognized as setting the industry standard for hunting crossbow technology, engineering, and performance. Over the past 25 years that Discount Firearms Dealer has been manufacturing deer hunting crossbows, including barnett crossbow, we have never failed or been afraid to introduce innovations or enhance our products, thus making some of the best crossbow and parker crossbow bolts for hunting on the market. In most cases, the advancements we make originate directly from customer input. Since 1994, we have secured 95 design patents with more pending or being filed!

When you buy a crossbow or crossbows for sale from Discount Firearms Dealer, you purchase more than a compact and powerful hunting crossbow package. You are arming yourself with a complete crossbow hunting system engineered to fill your freezer or put one in the record books. With the sole focus of manufacturing the best crossbows for over 25 years, our family-owned business builds the industry’s highest quality, most durable, and most accurate tools for hunting deer with crossbow available in the marketplace today – regardless of the crossbow 2020 – best crossbow 2021

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